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Our Package are All Purpose Packages which contain everything for all business owners to meet their goals and requirements.The aim behind this was to offer a wide range of solutions for any type of business with our expertise in internet marketing services and web solutions. Our packages are tools that we use to help you increase revenue, good traffic, site engagement, conversion, and loyal repeat customers.

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Under link building, we offer a package for Reciprocal Links and three packages for One Way links. Under Reciprocal links, we offer, PR2 and PR3 links, whereas under One Way Links packages we offer PR 0, 1, 2, 3 and onwards links. The pricing of the three packages under the One Way Link Building are based on the nature of the links that is, Thematic links, Minimum PR links and PR based links. The details of these packages are mentioned below:


Reciprocal Links

  • Pr2 -$3
  • Pr3 - $4



One Way Links: We offer 3 packages for one way links

Thematic Links - PR0, 1,2,3,4 and onwards theme related links@ flat $4 per link for all the links.




Minimum PR Links (price on per link basis)

  • PR1+ - $6 per link => includes PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4 and even PR5 links
  • PR2+ - $8 per link => includes PR2, PR3, PR4 and even PR5 links
  • PR3+ - $10 per link => includes PR3, PR4 and even PR5 linksc.




PR based links (price on per link basis)

  • PR1 - $4 per link
  • PR2 - $6 per link
  • PR3 - $8 per link