Recipe To Change Fortunes

We work on every project with utmost sincerity and commitment, and do our best to change the fortunes of your business. We have a highly systematic method in place, that we invariably use on every project to guarantee its successful consummation. Through our organized approach towards work, we are able to ensure the highest form of effeciency every time we take up a project.

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STEP 1: Requirement Gathering

The first step invariably is requirement gathering. Understanding the requirements is critical to the success of any project, and this is precisely why we emphasize on meticulously gathering information about your needs.

STEP 2: Feasibility Evaluation

Project implementation is not possible without running a feasibility study. Feasibility evaluation is a critical process that is carried out in order to identify and unravel the pros and cons of a proposed project. The purpose of every project is to add some value and generate positive results. Being aware of the pitfalls would enable one to rethink about the strategies and remove obstacles, if any, making success inevitable.

STEP 3: Requirement Refinement

Based on the feasibility study, and in the light of the findings and conclusions, the requirement could be further refined to ensure the success of the project. Requirement refinement involves fine tuning your strategies to develop a flawless plan ahead of implementation.

STEP 4: System Development

Implementing the plans and strategies and development of the project is the next logical step. The resources are "pooled in" and they are organized and management in order to work in sync with the objectives.

STEP 5: Project Progress Tracking

Our clients can monitor the progress of their project at every stage during development. It is an essential part of every project as this allows them to make sure that all their specifications are being followed. The various ways through which they could keep a track are:-

Clients can communicate with any process

  • By getting in touch with our project manager over phone.
  • Email Communicating through e-mail.
  • Face-to-face interaction with the Project Manager.

STEP 6: Deployment and Testing

Once the product is developed, it is time for it to be deployed. The finished product needs to put in operational mode and tested for its functionality. Our "products" are carefully tested in order to verify if the product is working as per the expectations and exactly meets the objectives behind its design and development.

STEP 7: Final System Delivery and Training

Once it is confirmed that the product is fully operational and works as per the expectation, the natural progression is delivery to the client. It is the client who would use the product. and hence once completed, the fully functional product is handed over and the client is educated about the various functionality and characteristics of the given product.

STEP 8: Online Marketing and Promotion

The finished product- whether a website or a portal in our case, is promoted online by way of Search Engine Marketing and Promotion. Through various ingenious methods and intelligent techniques, we enhance the visibility of your product in the market.

STEP 9: Support and Maintenance

Our association and relationship with you continues even after the successful completion of the project. We don't censure our ties after the delivery of the product and continue to offer you support and maintenance services.