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Our domain registration process is Simple, smart and effective. The focus is entirely on finding what suits your business and securing it for you before someone else does.

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The following process should help you to chose the right domain name for your website and enhance your online business.

STEP 1 - Decide the name that best describes the nature of your business

The most crucial aspect of domain registration is choosing the right domain name. Many people don’t choose a domain name that identifies with their business despite that name being available. Choosing a name that reflects your business is crucial. Choosing such a name is important for the simple reason that your target audience would be easily able to associate your company with its services. For instance, if your company is involved in IT enabled services, using a word or term like “technology” in your domain name would be most appropriate. The browsers who search for information on search engines would usually prefer those websites that have domain names reflecting their industries as opposed to those that don’t. Apart from the name, choosing an extension that seems logical for your kind of business is also immensely important. An organization that deals with educational services should ideally choose the extension “.ext” rather than “.net” or “.biz”. Business Promotion technologies have experts to guide you in choosing that perfect domain name for your business.

STEP 2 - Now check the availability of the domain

Once you have decided what domain name would be most appropriate for you, the next logical step would be checking its availability. There are millions of websites on the internet, each with a unique domain name. Hundreds and thousands of your competitors around the world might have used a number of permutation and combination to think of logical domain names reflecting your industry. Hence, checking whether the name you have chosen, with the preferred extension is available or not, and it I not, you may have to think about the best alternatives. With our assistance, you should be able check the availability of all types of top level domains (TLDs) with local, international or country specific extensions like .com, .in, .biz, .org, and many more.Click here to Check the Domain availability


STEP 3 - Registration is the Final step

After having decided the domain name and its availability, it’s time to register it. Registering your domain name without further delay would ensure that you own the domain name before someone else does. There are many companies that might offer you domain registration services at rock bottom prices, but most companies have an automated, mechanical process of domain name selection and registration. For us in Business promotion technologies, domain name is the identity of one’s online business. Our experts have a one to one session with you and arrive at a domain name only after careful deliberation. We understand your business and its requirement before recommending any domain name, and once it is chosen, we help you in registering it as soon as possible.



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