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    • By availing our promotional and other business related services, you consent that under any circumstances, the amount of compensation asked due to any reason would not surpass the amount you have actually paid while availing any of our offered promotional services. This also binds you not to ever claim more than the amount you actually paid for domain name related claims and want money back after cropping up an issue in domain name registration.
    • All services provided by BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are valid for certain fixed duration, and even some of them comprise the usability period of One Year only, thus you are not ever supposed to claim to the prolonged period for availing our services unless otherwise stated.
    • Well before using our services, you agree to abide by all the terms published here. You concur and agree to that all services provided by BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. would begin only after complete payment of the agreed amount from your side.
    • By establishing any business relation in terms of using BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ services, you agree to assure, support, and hold harmless one and all things and aspects related to BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. like the Registry, their respective subsidiaries and executives, directors, officers, managers, employees, consultants etc from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses. You also agree to defend all the aspect related with the service providing company, i.e. BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from getting into any type of legal costs that come out of or related to our Services.
    • Using our services, either in full or some parts of our promotion services, you agree and verify that that BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may, at our sole discretion, modify and change the Pricing Structure at any time without prior intimation. Though, this will only be relevant to future period/s.
    • In case you are found to be ever involved in the violation of the terms & conditions mentioned, it will further lead to cancellation of services and no refund will be made.
    • Non-usage of the service never entitles you for a repayment of any portion of the payment made to us for this service.
    • You consent to not even use the BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ Services for illegal purposes or for the transmission of material that is unlawful. You also permit us or give consent to not ever using the BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ Services for the transmission of material that is irksome, offensive, menacing, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or invasive of another's privacy. You concur not to ever endeavor to get access to root and other clients' accounts (hacking), installing incessantly running programs, and reselling CGI scripts.
    • You further abide by the rules and agree that you are exclusively accountable for your content and acknowledge that BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. acts as a passive medium for the distribution and transmission of your data. You are totally liable for the content you provide BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and assure/warrant BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. that the content (1) does not breach any third party's intellectual property or proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy; (2) does not breach any law, statute, ordinance or regulation; (3) is not offensive, pornographic or obscene; or (4) not encloses viruses or other similar damaging or harmful programming routines. In case of your being found violating any of the stated terms and conditions, then you stand to be penalized up to and together with termination of your rights to use the service and any other remedies available to BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by law.
    • BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will supervise the Emails/ Business Queries to follow and check the search engine performance, and will never ever give out data with regard to this to any third party, and neither will it ever disclosed.
    • You accept your right to use the Service is personal to you, and you are also exclusively accountable for preserving the secrecy of your password and account. No other that you, and only you will be made fully accountable for all use of your account, together with any unauthorized use of your account by any third-party.
    • Whatever consultancy services we offer through our promotional content are meant to serve your general purpose only, but never ever claim to bring certain gains or business and you can’t rely upon them in making (or refraining from making) any decision. Any specific advice or answers to queries through the consultancy and other such suggestive services is/are the personal opinion of our experts/consultants/persons and will never be taken as the last, and the ultimate resort to bring you business or any type of monetary gain.
    • BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can’t be ever held responsible if you find the continuation of some aspects or parts or other related services disturbed, as there are channels and some of them entirely rely on the universal and other parameters and do not come in our control. Thus, any there’s any delay, interruption and other time-lag issues, BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. would not take responsibility in terms of time factor, will put in its maximum efforts to resume your services as early as possible.
    • You concur to assure and hold harmless BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and all parts related to it, like its affiliates and employees, undamaging from any claim or demand, together with rational attorneys' fees, claimed by any third party for your content submission, or other further case where the company holds no any liability.
    • All the disputes arising out of either your availing or our providing of services will be governed by the Laws of India, and the Courts of law at Delhi/New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising under this agreement.
    • These Terms of Service comprise the complete agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and succeeds and reinstates all prior or contemporary understandings or agreements, written or oral, regarding such subject matter.
    • If the case of non-payment for any services comes up, then BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. holds all rights to re-sell the Domain, Layout and all other linked material, features and aspects to any third party or use itself, together with the Domain/ Content / Structure/ Layout and all other related material without even contemplating to give out any indication, information etc or to make any type of correspondence with anyone.
    • All amounts paid to BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are non-refundable/ non- transferrable under any circumstances.
    • BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and only it holds the right to add / change / modify the terms of this Agreement. We will make changes only after the first posting to the Site and you will be deemed to have accepted any change if you carry on using all or any of our services. BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. holds the authority to modify, suspend/cancel, or put an end to any or all channels, or service at any time even without circulating any type of notice to one and all. We also hold the right to bring changes, modifications and alterations in any or all of the content, products and services contained/ not contained on the with the similar effects, even without informing or giving out any type of legal notice to any one.

    Limitation of Liability

    You concur fully that BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and its any or all direct or indirect associates like directors, officers, attorneys, managers, employees, consultants, contractors, agents, subsidiaries etc actively taking part in producing, distributing and consulting will not be made accountable to you or anyone else for any loss that may occur due to any
    (1) loss of registration of a domain;
    (2) use of your domain;
    (3) delayed action or access disruption to BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ registration system;
    (4) non-delivery of data and events further than BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ rational control;
    (5) processing of the application and other aspects linked with your domain;
    (6) deferment or termination of your registration by BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. or other similar incidents and events.. Moreover, BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. shall never be made legally responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, or far-reaching damage of any kind, together with, without limitation, lost profits, negligence etc, and in no event will BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. utmost accountability surpass the total amount paid to it.

    • You admit and concur that the service will begin only after total payment of the agreed amount.
    • In case of non-payment of any services or related aspects ever crops up, then BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. holds the right to re-sell the Domain, Layout & all other related material, features, aspects, information etc to any third party or utilize itself even without letting or informing you or any other party about this feature. We also hold the right to make full use of the Domain/ Content / Structure/ Layout and all other related material, feature, aspect, information, material even ever letting you or any other know, in case there is non-payment, as then BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will hold all the right regarding its services and all aspects and would not entertain anyone ever.
    • All the terms and conditions of Domain name will also be applicable in Website Hosting & Maintenance Services, as we will understand your approval accordingly and treat you as our customer, abiding by all our rules and regulations.
    • You will get our Website Hosting & Maintenance Services for one year or any additional period that is paid for, and will be informed to renew as the due date approaches. But informing you anyhow does not fall in our jurisdiction and we will never ever be made responsible for giving you information regarding the renewal. You recognize and concur that the service will begin only after complete payment of the agreed amount.
    • By accepting our promotional services of any nature, you come in agreement to all the terms & conditions published on this page, and confirm that we design / develop websites / applications as per your specifications and you find yourself fully satisfied with all our constant updates and suggestions, as per the contract terms.
    • Just by availing all the promotional services or either any or few of the BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ services, you legally agree to fully understand and confirm whatever we say, assure and promise. BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to carefully state all the information regarding the terms and conditions that play a significant aspect for smooth running of your business.
    • Its only your responsibility to avail all our promotion related services or products or any thing or aspect, or feature you deem fully fit to promote your business in short or long term. BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. never assures the extent, amount and exact effect or other stated gains that will accrue to your business, as no one does in a promotional business, but assures you direct and indirect promotional gains. But then, the responsibility falls on you, and only you are responsible for choosing any or all promotional services from BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. only after realizing any type of gain to your business. Once you start availing our services, it will be understood that you are observing, or seeing gains, and are not being enticed through manipulative ways by BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to avail all or any service. Thus, never ever in the course of the services you paid for, you can make BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. legally responsible.
    • BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. assures you to place among the gains by providing cutting-edge promotion services and other features that will surely bring benefits or gains to your business, but will never state and mention any time frame, as plenty of factors fall in-between for effective running of any business, for gains….. BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will never be made legally responsible for bringing you any type of business gains, though the company will always be there if there comes any issues of non-deliverance of its services or other aspects to you….It’s entirely up to you, and onto your business to make gains from our services, features and other valuable aspects, and BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. assures support you to realize your dream through its services.
    • By accepting our all aspects and related services, you legally accept and concur to all the terms & conditions published here onto this page and also concur that the service would be valid for certain specified time-period, and will be terminated as the time runs out. And BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will inform you about the renewal of the services, but won’t take any liability for doing the same, as you also confirm that the liability of renewing the service will lie with you.