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Apart from letting you exploit the potential of online media, having an exclusive domain for your business lends that extra bit of credibility to your business. Your business gets an identity on World Wide Web, which is inevitable in today´s day and age.

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The answer is, you simply can’t have a website without a domain name. Given below are some important factors that should be taken into account while choosing a domain name for your business.


Reflect Your Business - Register Your Domain Name

We help you choose from a variety of top level domains (TLDs) that are available including .com, .org, .biz, .net, .info, .co. in, so on and so forth. Every domain name extension would not be appropriate for you business. Our experts would help you find the domain name extension that works best for your business.

Brand Development - Register Your Domain Name

The trend of creating a domain name for specifically creating and promoting a brand is gaining favor with companies around the globe. Dedicating a domain exclusively to a set of products, an individual product, or a sub-brand could help you focus on their promotion in a better manner.

Marketing Slogans - Register Your Domain Name

You could also use your marketing slogan as your domain name, which is a practice followed by a few companies including Microsoft. WhereDoYouWantToGoToday.com" is the slogan being referred here, which has been used by Microsoft as a domain name. This domain leads you to their main website Microsoft.com. Using the slogan as domain name would help you easily connect with your target audience.

Search Engines - Register Your Domain Name

Domains could also be made “search engine friendly”. These domain name contain keywords, that are often separated by hyphens. This helps a great deal in getting them placed higher on search engine results.

Traffic Generation - Register Your Domain Name

Outrageously expensive at times, these domains are highly beneficial in bring your website enormous traffic. These are unique domain names – mostly consisting of a single world, that are scarcely available. Companies spend thousands, or even millions of dollars to acquire these most coveted domain names. If it doesn’t make much sense to you, then perhaps it would, when you know these domain names are expensive. The reason is these domain names are able to attract instant traffic. Most browsers have a tendency to guess domain names with reflects the nature of information they are looking for. For instance, most people looking for information regarding loans would look for domains that include the word “loan” in them. So, if your company deals with loans and you could have a domain like “loans.com”, wouldn’t you be able to attract most of the browsers looking for loans? This is exactly what a reputed company did by purchasing this domain for an astounding $3 million.

Industry Domination - Register Your Domain Name

Domain names are also created to represent a specific industry. Companies are registering domain names that could be identified with the industries they are focusing on, as a part of their overall marketing campaign. Apart from the main website, certain companies create additional domains that use terms that could be easily related to their industries. Case in point: “WirelessDataCommunication”. This word evidently represents the wireless industry and could be used as a domain name to gain a substantial competitive advantage by any company that focuses on its operations in this domain.

Make It Simple - Register Your Domain Name

Keeping it simple is the best way to ensure that you domain name could be easily remembered by browsers. Here’s why it is so important: People often come across domain names of companies while reading a newspaper or magazine. Simpler the name, higher the chances that people would remember the domain names.

Is It Memorable? - Register Your Domain Name

Using catchy words or phrases in your domain name would not only make it more appealing, but it would also help you in setting your brand apart from your competitors. Using catchy names would also mean that it registers in the minds of your target audience. Better recall value would quite naturally translate into better volume in traffic, improving your online sales.

Cyberweb Global Services - Register Your Domain Name

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