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As a business promotion company and provider of online and off-line business promotion services, aspects, products and features, BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides its customers, clients, subscribers etc a vast range of promotional services and consultancy services to help in the overall growth of your business. In the course of offering its vast promotional services, BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to take certain preventative or corrective actions so that both the involved parties, we and you, make maximum use of the services without being in any type of problem.

In order to defend your interests and give you the best possible promotion services, BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has designed an Acceptable Use Policy, which provides and clearly tells certain terms of each customer’s respective service agreement. The same Privacy Policy also works as a guide to the customer’s rights and obligations while they use the BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ services. This Policy will be revised from time to time, and you, the customers will be rightly informed about this through BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ web site.

This privacy policy takes full care of BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ intellectual exploits of personally identifiable information it collects while you utilize its promotional services to bring gains to your business. The privacy policy ensures that whatever information we, the both party share in the course of our agreement and arrangement never ever reaches to any other third party or person so that a misuse could take place.

BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. never discloses information shared by our esteemed client’s with any other individual or organization, and takes absolute care to maintain the professionalism and business ethics so that only you can take out the best from our services, ideas, features and convert them into some truly gainful entity.

In case of making your business more powerful, we do share information but only and only if the need really arises, and the need clearly brings gains to your business directly or indirectly. BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. lends the information related to you and your business to some of the parties like:

Advertisers: We have to share certain aspects of your information with our partners and advertisers to give you more information.

Partners: We also share the information related with your business with other parties to give an impetus to your business.

Agents: We take use of other companies and individuals to execute functions on our behalf, thus need to share information related to your business.

BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. assures the privacy policy to protect your business interest and make them grow beyond doubt. All the policies have been devised keeping in view only your business and its related aspects, thus your business is kept secure and safe for all times. With your co-operation and support, we always try to grow and let you avail the maximum, and our privacy policy is a simple step in this direction.

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